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Sudha Madhavan is an Artist and Travel & Children's Writer based in Bangalore. Sudha specializes in the classical school of art and her paintings are centered around her passion for culture and history. She picks her subjects from those remarkable experiences from her travels that have moved her and have a story to tell. She thus captures the essence of the places she travels to and the people she meets during her journeys in her art and as such, each of her works is a “cultural snapshot”.

The wide variations in culture between Nagaland, Myanmar, Ladakh or Tamilnadu experienced by the artist are both thrilling and thought-provoking. Sudha brings a keen eye to detail and an ability to capture the inner soul of her subject in her work. 

Each artwork presented in this collection has taken 4-8 months to create, and is a labor of love. To complete her own experience as well as satiate the viewer’s curiosity, she accompanies almost all her pieces with verses written by her and anecdotal details about each subject. 

Sudha has been an Educator and Consultant with leading NGO’s like MAYA (Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness), a social transformation and livelihood development initiative involved in building a network of artisans, workers and micro-entrepreneurs as well as Shishu Mandir, a children’s welfare institution founded by Hella Mundhra. Sudha has worked with young people and Women’s Self-help groups, involving herself in counseling and fundraising as well.


She is currently working on her book of children's stories with Hachette Publications. She has also been a Freelance Journalist, having been published in the Deccan Herald and The Hindu since 2003. Sudha attended St.Thomas School, Shimla and studied English Literature and Education at Isabella Thoburn College and Lucknow University respectively.

You can write to her at or connect through Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

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