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The Portraits and Culture Collection

Babar’s kitchen, Mughal miniatures .jpg

Babar’s kitchen, Mughal miniatures

7. The Murals of Lepakshi.jpg

The Murals of Lepakshi

16. Monks.jpg

Monks at study

Old vendor from Bengal.jpg

Old vendor from Bengal

Odissi Dancers.jpg

Odissi Dancers

14. Woman with Fruit - a Raja Ravi Varma

Woman holding a Fruit

African Dancers.jpg

African Dancers

Village Belle.jpg

Village belle from North Karnataka

Gangubai Hangal.jpg

Gangubai Hangal

12. The Lambani Woman.jpg

The Lambani Woman

An Intha Fisherman in Myanmar.jpg

The Intha Fisherman

Child Caregivers in Mon district, Nagala

Child Caregivers of Nagaland

The Konyak Naga Headhunting warrior of M

The Konyak Naga Headhunting Warrior

6. Mother and Infant, A Tribute to Ladak

Mother and Infant, Ladakh

15. Absorption.jpg


Mon Queen.jpg

Mon Queen

4. The Bhutanese Man.jpg

The Bhutanese Man

5. Himachali Woman.jpg

Himachali Woman

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