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An Intha Fisherman in Myanmar.jpg

A note on this painting

The Intha fishermen are unique to Inle Lake in the Shan state of Myanmar. They use an age old, traditional fishing technique that is distinctive to the region. They row the boat by wrapping one leg around the paddle, expertly balanced on the bow of the ship which leaves both their hands and a leg free to manoeuvre the fishing net. The net itself is

The Intha Fisherman in Myanmar

Oil on Canvas

36” x 24"

Rs. 38,000

stretched onto a 7 foot tall frame conical in shape. This is held with both hands and plunged to the bottom of the shallow lake. Carp is fished that is endemic to these waters. This practice is now slowly giving way to modern methods of fishing using motor boats and large nets and soon the iconic Intha fisherman might become a thing of the past...

It was a thrill to watch the Intha fisherman in action with his perfect hand eye and leg coordination. He is immortalised in this painting.

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