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Sudha is a prolific writer of children's stories and poetry as well as a well-researched travelogues to offbeat places. She combines her passion for history and culture with her nostalgia for the story-telling sessions of her childhood when her father would regale her on rainy nights on the balcony. Her children's poetry, inspired by the style of Shel Silverstein, is a heartwarming collection of quirky poems. Sudha has been publishing her travelogues since 2003 in leading publications in India. The Travel Book is a collection of her published and unpublished writings with all-new details on street-food experiences in Myanmar, trysts with Aztec history in Mexico and first-hand experience of rolling the world's best cigars in Viñales, Cuba.


The book dives into thrilling adventure of remarkable rulers of our land from a time far ago. From Shibi Chakravarti to Bhoja, from Vidyottama to Meenakshi, from Yudhishthira to Nahusha, and from Shishupala to Nala - what was extraordinary about them and their times?

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100 Greatest Stories For Older Children.

100 Greatest Stories For Young Children

Sudha's stories for children have been featured in Hachette Publications' latest book launched in November 2020 titled "100 Greatest Stories for Young Children". The collection also features legends like Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter, Lewis Carroll and many more

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The Travel Book

Poetry for the Young at Heart

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