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12. The Lambani Woman.jpg

Often unknown to many,

Yet known to quite a few…

For my colour and craft and ornaments

Though I need to get my due!

For my smile as bright as the sun

For my quaint and forgotten ways…

For the land to which I belong

And the numbers of my race….!

by Sudha Madhavan

The Lambani Woman 

Acrylic on canvas board

18” x 24"

Rs. 35,000

A Note on this painting

Semi-nomadic in nature, the Lambanis were the ‘vana charas’  or ‘wanderers of the forest’ carrying their wares on the backs of oxen. The Lambanis are believed to have had their origins in Rajasthan. They are to be found now in parts of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Northern Karnataka. Skilled in handcrafts such as glass and beadwork, darning, mirror work, quilting, patch and appliqué with trimmings of shells beads, their costumes are  a riot of colour and embellishment. Their jewellery, originally of silver, is heavy and intricately crafted and used abundantly by the women. Their handcrafts have received a renewed boost and support and are seeing wider markets now. 

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