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The Tamarind of many monsoons.jpg

The tamarind of many monsoons…

Forever shall hum to the sun and wind

To light up the soul of the brooding dryad!

Swaying to the rhythm of rain and breeze!

In the grip of an unknown mystic force!

In thee enshrined the spirit lies!

The delightful spirit of the monsoon skies!


by Sudha Madhavan


What inspired me

The grey monsoon skies and the sea breeze from the ocean, close to which this old tamarind tree swayed, held me quite mesmerised. It stood right outside the window where I would sit with my book in my leisure hours. We developed a communion over a period of time. It was a constant and friendly presence. And one fine day I sat down to paint it…

The name Tamarind has its origins in what the Arabs and Persians called it, ‘tamar-e-hind’, the date of India. In use in India since several centuries, its origin is believed to be Africa from where it spread to Asia and to countries like Egypt and Greece. Its fruits have a strong sour flavour. Known to have several medicinal uses, the tamarind grows extensively in India  and is widely used in Indian Kitchens. 

The Tamarind of many monsoons

Oil on Canvas

24” x 36"

Rs. 45,000

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